Attorneys In Woodbine

The experienced legal team at Barry, Corrado and Grassi is the team you need for attorneys in Woodbine, NJ. We are based right here in Cape May County, and we provide legal assistance and representation in matters of personal injury, estate litigation, criminal and civil rights law and more. We have been serving the region for over 40 years, and we are completely dedicated to the rights and  welfare of our clients.

Reach out to our office today if you need legal assistance in any of these matters:

Personal Injury. We take on injury cases from auto accidents, falls on slippery surfaces, medical malpractice, dog bites and more. We are willing to take on insurance companies and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Real Estate Laws. Our attorneys work with Woodbine clients in complex real estate matters, including zoning laws, environmental reviews, licensing and others. We can help you meet your real estate goals on a legal level.

Estate Litigation. We handle any and all issues regarding estate litigation, including tax laws, family businesses and more.

Maritime Law. Our team has litigated a variety of maritime law cases. We deal with boating and fishing accidents and injuries, and we have the background to practice complex federal maritime law litigation.

Criminal Law. As criminal defense attorneys we fight zealously for our clients’ Constitutional rights. We’ve successfully reduced punishments and have worked with many clients to have criminal records expunged from the public record. We also represent clients in DUI cases.

Employment Law. We represent clients in all matters of civil rights abuse, including discrimination, harassment, and more. We also represent employers dealing with unfounded accusations.

Don’t fight your legal battles without the experienced and established legal team in your corner. If you’re dealing with a legal situation and need strong attorneys in Woodbine, call our office today or click here to request a consultation. We’re here to help you get beyond this difficult time in your life.