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Barry, Corrado & Grassi is a full service law firm in Wildwood, NJ that primarily serves the needs of clients in Cape May County and Cumberland Counties. We specialize in Personal Injury, Real Estate and Land Use, Criminal Law, Estate Litigation, Maritime Law and Employment Law.

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Legacy of Seditious Libel Protections

Protecting The Enduring Legacy of Seditious Libel Protections

Nearly 60 years ago, the United States Supreme Court decided New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.  In an opinion authored by Justice William Brennan, the Court for the first time extended First Amendment protection to certain forms of defamation—a category of speech previously considered beyond the amendment’s scope. Sullivan held, as a matter of constitutional law, that public officials could not recover for defamatory criticism of their conduct unless they... Read More

Appointing A Power of Attorney 3 Things to Know

Appointing A Power of Attorney: 3 Things to Know

Let’s look at appointing a power of attorney. Many people know the basics of what a Last Will and Testament is. What many people may not know is that a Will is only a part of a comprehensive “estate plan,” which should look to address not only what happens when you are gone but also ways to help your loved ones assist you at times when you need it most.... Read More