Civil Rights

If your civil rights have been violated — either at work, by law enforcement or in another type of discriminatory situation — you may feel powerless to fight back. At the law firm of Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi in Cape May, our lawyers give people the power they need. We have substantial experience fighting to protect our client’s civil rights.

Have you been the victim of a civil rights violation? Our firm represents clients throughout south Jersey who have faced discrimination in all forms. Call us at 609-729-1333 to schedule a consultation. Or, contact us online to have someone from our firm be in touch with you.

Protecting the Rights of All Citizens

Our attorneys handle cases involving a wide variety of civil rights issues, including the following:

  • Fourth Amendment violations: unlawful search and seizure
  • Police brutality, unlawful search and arrest
  • First Amendment litigation: free speech, freedom of association, violations of political rights
  • Handicap discrimination
  • Employment discrimination: race, gender, age, religion and sexual discrimination in employment and other contexts
  • Employment harassment
  • Housing discrimination

One area that leads to many lawsuits is mortgage lending discrimination. A number of recent class action lawsuits have asserted that mortgage lenders inflate transactional costs and interest rates for African-American borrowers. “Redlining,” in which lenders deny services or increase the costs to members of certain communities, is all too common in sub-prime lending. Such actions are civil rights violations, and our firm can help victims get justice.

Civil rights litigation often involves disputes with the government. We can help people with claims against any government agency, from the police to the post office.

Firm partners Frank L. Corrado and Joseph C. Grassi lead our civil rights practice. Each has more than 20 years of experience handling complex litigation matters. They are devoted to providing personalized service, taking few cases and preparing thoroughly. Learn more about our Civil Rights and Employment Law Practice here.