Employment Discrimination

Cape May Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi can assist either employers or employees in the area of employment discrimination. We are the largest firm in Cape May County, New Jersey, and our employment discrimination lawyers are experienced in handling complex employment litigation.


Unfounded accusations of racial, gender, and/or sexual discrimination can be costly, in terms of both public image and the bottom line. We provide a vigorous defense for employers facing discrimination and harassment claims.

Our lawyers also help clients with employee manuals, employment policies, employment structure, and more.

The lawyers of Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi are experienced with complex litigation. Our attorneys are Certified Civil Trial Attorneys, an honor granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court to less than 2% of New Jersey attorneys.

We strive for discreet and inexpensive out-of-court settlements in each case, but are always prepared to take a case to trial if necessary.


When people are affected by racial, gender, and/or sexual discrimination either in the workplace or in hiring practices, they have a right to file suit. The experienced trial attorneys of Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi can meet with you, carefully listen to your situation, and help you decide how to proceed.

Our lawyers are committed to helping ordinary people in legal struggles with powerful entities. We also have active practices in civil rights, disputes against the government, and personal injury, all of which give us the chance to use our considerable knowledge and resources to help level the playing field on behalf of average people.

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