What Happens After I Get Out Of Jail On Bail?

When you are released from jail, you will be given a date for a first appearance, usually set for a couple of months after the release. If you haven’t been indicted within that time, you will receive a pre-indictment offer, and discovery. The offer is supposed to be the best offer you will receive. In other words, if you don’t accept the first offer, the offer will go up. If you take that first offer, you will have to come back at least once for sentence. It is most likely you will make 3 or more trips to court before you plead, and then come back for sentence.

What If I Feel Guilty? Should I Throw Myself At The Mercy Of The Court?

Only if the court is allowed to show you mercy. Unfortunately, many offenses have mandatory penalties, meaning the Judge can’t show you mercy. So your approach to a defense must be more sophisticated than that. But ultimately, most cases will resolve with a guilty plea of some sort, or diversion.

Do Most Cases Go To Trial Or Do They Settle Out Of Court?

Most cases don’t go to trial, but they settle in court. For first offenders, the case may be “diverted”. It is postponed while the accused completes a period of supervision, just like probation. If the offender completes that successfully, the charges will be dismissed, and can be expunged.

How Much Does A Prior Arrest Or Conviction Play Into a Criminal Case?

It will make it harder to get out on bail, and more likely to get a county jail or prison offer.

Are There Alternative Punishments To Jail Available In New Jersey?

There are alternatives to conviction, for example PTI. PTI never results in jail. And there are alternative programs for jail and prison, such as day reporting, weekend service, of ISP. There is also Drug Court and Drug Treatment.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Look for a certified criminal Trial Attorney. Avoid an attorney who will work too cheaply. They won’t be able to put the time in to develop your defense.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Criminal Cases?

My strong suits are thinking outside the box. Recognizing defenses. And not being afraid to try a case.

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