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Jersey Shore Personal Injury LawyersBarry, Corrado & Grassi is a full service law firm in Wildwood, NJ, and we are long established as successful Jersey Shore personal injury lawyers. If you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by negligence or carelessness, we help you achieve the compensation you deserve. Our staff of attorneys is on the side of the people who have been injured or financially harmed, from auto accidents, workplace accidents, defective products, prescribed drugs and much more.

When you’ve suffered from a preventable injury, you need to understand that businesses and insurance companies will do everything they can to keep from compensating you. It’s vital that you not only seek a competent attorney who isn’t afraid to take on a big business or government entity…you need to ensure that you are prepared for their legal tricks.

For example, you should make it a priority to take care of your health and get medical attention as quickly as possible. This isn’t just for your own health…insurance companies will question why a victim didn’t seek medical attention or follow up with their doctors. Getting medical health and having a physician document the causes and description of your injury will greatly help your case.

It’s also important to understand that an insurance company may admit to fault in an accident, but refuse to accept responsibility for your serious injury. They may try to claim that your injury was caused by something else, such as arthritis or another accident. This is another important reason to get all of the medical attention you need and have the evidence on your side.

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