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When choosing a law firm for any situation, experience matters. So does choosing a local firm with a knowledge of the region and local statutes. Barry, Corrado & Grassi are your attorneys with that experience…we’re your smart choice for law firms in The Villas, NJ! Our office is just a short distance away from you in Wildwood, and we serve residents and business owners throughout the region with first class legal services. We help you achieve your legal goals and represent your interests every step of the way.

Legal Experience That Makes A Difference For You.

Our firm has been a part of the Cape May County community now for over four decades. We represent people in a wide range of legal matters, and we bring that combined experience to every one of our cases. Our experience is not only in handling a variety of cases and knowledge of the laws, but also in what courts and judges expect. In addition, we stay ahead of law changes in New Jersey, to provide the best possible services for you.

Whatever your legal situation, we represent you and your interests…we’re always on the side of the people. We are always ready to take on corporations, government entities, and insurance companies. We can navigate through the more complex laws governing issues like real estate and maritime accidents, and help you achieve the best legal outcome. Our track record is proven…we welcome you to read some of our clients reviews here.

Call on our attorneys when you need assistance with a personal injury or sexual assault claim, have been a victim of discrimination, need real estate or condo assistance, and much more. If you need legal help from a maritime injury, we specialize in handling such cases.

Your Established Choice For Law Firms in The Villas.

Move forward today and request a consultation with us here. Tell us your story and see how we can help. We’re looking forward to helping you get the results you deserve!

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