Ocean City Personal Injury Lawyers

At Barry, Corrado and Grassi, we are a full service law firm serving Cape May County, NJ, and we are your established choice when you need Ocean City personal injury lawyers. If you or a family member who has been injured in a preventable accident, you have the right to fair and just compensation for your suffering. Our attorneys and staff are on your side when you are physically, emotionally, and financially in pain from a vehicle accident, a workplace accident, a defective product or any other cause.

When you or someone you know has been injured, there is something very important for you to understand: businesses, their insurance companies, and their lawyers are going to fight every step of the way to avoid compensating you. In many cases, they have a great deal of resources, and will attempt a slew of legal tricks. It’s vital for you to have an attorney on your side that will be prepared for their tactics and knows how to fight them.

In addition, you need to have as many facts as possible on your side. After an accident, you should seek medical attention quickly…not just for your own health, but also because an insurance company will question why you didn’t see a doctor right away. It will be of great help to your case to have medical documentation of your injury and its causes and effects.

There is another important reason to get medical help right away. In some cases insurance companies admit to being at fault, but at the same time will attempt to claim that your injuries have another cause, such as from another accident.

Let Us Be Your Ocean City Personal Injury Attorneys

When you believe the evidence is on your side and you are suffering pain from negligence or other preventable causes, reach out to Barry, Corrado and Grassi today for your free initial consultation. Let us be your Ocean City personal injury lawyers, and represent you in this difficult time. We will zealously fight for your interests against the business and insurance company, and achieve the fair compensation that you deserve.