An unfortunate number of accidents occur each year due to unsafe work conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires employers to meet specific guidelines regarding workplace safety and hazards. Employees are entitled to safe jobs, and employers are required to provide safe work conditions.

Our attorneys take workplace injuries seriously. We pride ourselves in holding businesses responsible when they violate OSHA standards. Most injuries and debts occurring the workplace are fully preventable.

Employers ignore even the most basic safety measures. This is especially true in the retail outlets and restaurants. Even if you are paid “under the table” we may still be able to assist you in securing recovery for your injuries.

At Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi, we represent employees who have been injured on construction sites, shipyards, manufacturing and industrial plants and other workplaces because of safety violations. We use our knowledge and experience to help employees in a variety of OSHA-related matters.

Employee Rights

Under OSHA, employees are entitled to certain workplace rights. According to the OSHA Web site, employees are entitled to:

  • Information about safety and health hazards in the workplace.
  • Request an OSHA inspection if a violation of standards is suspected.
  • Submit a written request to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for information regarding potentially toxic substances used in the workplace.
  • Have their names withheld from employers if they file a written complaint.
  • Refuse to perform work that is unsafe or poses a health risk.

Employer Responsibilities

Just as employees have rights under OSHA, employers have responsibilities. The following are some employer obligations:

  • Employers must inform employees of OSHA standards in regard to the workplace
  • Employers must post the OSHA poster in a prominent location. The OSHA poster contains information about rights and responsibilities.
  • Employers must provide information about any hazardous chemicals that are used in the workplace.
  • Employers must provide adequate safety equipment to their employees.

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