Palermo Criminal Defense Lawyers

Palermo Criminal Defense LawyersThere is a famous quote that is popularly attributed to President Abraham Lincoln that goes, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” There is a very good reason for you to seek legal help when you are facing criminal charges, and ensure that the attorneys in your corner have the knowledge and expertise to represent you. Barry, Corrado & Grassi are your experienced choice for Palermo criminal defense lawyers – we’ve represented clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, and we work zealously to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

If you’ve been arrested, you might think that you’ll overcome the charges and be dismissed based on common misconceptions. As an example, an arresting officer isn’t necessarily required to read you your rights at the time of your arrest…it is only if they decide to interrogate you that you must be read your rights. Do NOT allow yourself to be interrogated without an experienced attorney in the room! In addition, if the police threaten to get a warrant to search your property or your vehicle, don’t be intimidated…tell them to get one!

In this great country, everyone has rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution, and in the state of New Jersey there are additional laws for the protection of accused citizens. An experienced attorney understands those laws and what courts expect, can listen to your story of what happened, and find the evidence needed to fight for your rights.

At Barry, Corrado & Grassi, we represent clients in criminal cases throughout Cape May County, in arrests for misdemeanors like noise violations and felonies such as assault. We represent DUI clients as well, and we carefully review the circumstances of the arrest and the breathalyzer test. In addition to handling criminal cases, we also take on expungement cases to wipe an accused person’s record clean, enabling the person to find a job, acquire a professional license, or seek a rental residence.

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If you are facing criminal charges, get started now with a competent and experienced attorney that will fight prosecutors seeking a conviction. Contact us here to request your initial consultation, and tell us your story of what happened. We’re your established choice for Palermo criminal defense lawyers – let us fight to protect your future.