Sea Isle City Criminal Lawyers

Sea Isle City Criminal LawyersThose by the shore looking for Sea Isle City criminal lawyers Barry, Corrado & Grassi is a full service law firm in Wildwood, NJ who can help take on your case and use your constitutional rights to their fullest extent. Whether it’s an indictable crime or disorderly persons offense, the team at Barry, Corrado & Grassi will work through every hurdle to better reduce the punishments put before you.

Not many know that a large portion of your Constitutional Rights really only become relevant to your case  in the context of being charged with a crime. Given your circumstances at the time of the crime being committed (or alleged to being committed), the law may decide that the person charged may have been legally in the right or  that the act committed does not qualify a chargeable offense. For instance, in order to search and arrest citizens, the police must do so within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution- they cannot operate outside these parameters. However, our lawyers know the State of New Jersey operates under it’s own set of Constitutional rights which provide further protection to people facing criminal charges. For charges involving drunk driving, as an example, a criminal defense attorney will investigate and carefully review police procedures. In some cases an expert may be called to carefully evaluate the test results the state has administered to determine the fault. We urge anyone facing a drunk driving charge in New Jersey to reach out to a New Jersey drunk driving lawyer from the Barry, Corrado & Grassi firm.

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