Sexual Abuse

Any kind of sexual abuse is illegal and perpetrators should face criminal charges. But victims can also bring those responsible to civil court to recover financial compensation. Victims of sexual abuse deserve compensation for all medical bills, treatment, therapy, and pain and suffering resulting from the incident. Getting in touch with a Cape May County sexual abuse attorney is the very first step in the process.

Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi employs an experienced New Jersey sexual abuse and child abuse lawyer. We have helped many victims obtain compensation for sexual abuse. Our firm is well-known within the legal community for our strong history in this area, and many of our clients are the result of referrals from other attorneys. Give us a call today to talk to our New Jersey sexual abuse lawyer at (609) 729-1333.

For any potential case involving sexual or child abuse, our lawyers offer free consultations. We can take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless you recover compensation. Contact us to speak with an experienced attorney about your situation. Learn more about sexual harassment in the workplace.

New Jersey Law and Sexual Abuse Litigation

New Jersey statues have special provisions for victim’s rights. Every time someone is convicted in criminal court, he or she must put money into a fund. The money in this fund is then given to crime victims.

Our attorneys provide assistance with the New Jersey Victims of Crime Compensation Board, which controls the fund and distributes money to victims. It can pay up to $25,000 to go toward counseling, medical treatments, and other consequences of abuse.

Attorney Joseph C. Grassi is one of less than 100 attorneys certified to represent sexual abuse victims in New Jersey civil courts. He can represent any New Jersey client in civil litigation against abusers, from a stepfather to a group leader, teacher, priest, or coach.

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