What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Injury Claims?

Insurance defense companies do a number of things to defend personal injury claims, but they do them in almost every case. One that comes up all the time, and might not occur to most people, is admitting fault but refusing to accept responsibility. What this means is that the insurance company admits who caused an accident but says that the injuries that resulted were caused by something else; arthritis, another accident, or are made-up.

This is a nasty strategy because what it does is take the focus off the person who did wrong. It puts all of the focus on the person who is hurt and it makes it a case of whether or not they are telling the truth. The defendant may not testify or even show up for the trial. And the defense will find a defense doctor who may not even be practicing medicine other than doing defense medical exams and testifying that every problem someone is having is due to arthritis, a prior accident, or just by chance.

It’s a way of shifting the focus from what the defendant did wrong and trying to paint the victim as somehow trying to game the system or pull one over on jurors. You might think that if a defendant admitted fault, they would admit responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, those two are not the same thing in the insurance defense world.

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