Attorneys in Upper Deerfield Township

Attorneys in Upper Deerfield TownshipIf you’re having trouble navigating the court system; we urge you to call the attorneys in Upper Deerfield Township at Barry, Corrado & Grassi for the best direction possible. We look after the needs for clients in Upper Deerfield Township in Personal Injury, Real Estate and Land Use, Criminal Law, Estate Litigation, Maritime Law and Employment Law.

Services of Attorneys in Upper Deerfield Township

Personal Injury
Are you looking for a team that will:

  • Represent those who have been seriously injured or financially harmed?
  • Help you navigate the legal system if you’ve been injured in the car, at work, in your home by defective products, at your doctor’s office, in the hospital, or with prescribed drugs?

Click here to learn how we help clients through their personal injury claims.

Real Estate and Land Use
Could you benefit from a team that will:

  • Assists owners, developers, corporations, and lenders with real estate transactions with all aspects of land use and development approval?
  • Identify potential challenges, and then steer a course through the complex regulatory environment to meet our clients’ objectives?

To get help from our Cumberland County zoning & land use attorney, or a New Jersey zoning & land-use lawyer, contact us today.

Estate Litigation
Ask yourself – do you know:

  • Estate litigation attorneys who can handle complex will contest cases for a broad range of clients?
  • Experienced lawyers, who represent individual and institutional trustees, executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries of trusts and estates?

If you have a legal issue involving a trust or estate, contact Barry, Corrado & Grassi today to schedule a consultation.

Maritime Law
Residents who may have suffered injuries from one or more trips out to sea could benefit from:

  • A team that understands the differences among the federal acts and knows the complexities of the law and how to use our knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Lawyers who represent workers along the New Jersey Coast, as well as in all other navigable waters throughout the United States and along the coast.

If you have been injured at sea, contact the attorneys at Barry, Corrado & Grassi to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case and how we can assist.

Criminal Law
Do you know who to call that:

  • Will aggressively fight to protect your Constitutional Rights?
  • Can help you reduce potential punishments for these offenses?

We provide representation to ensure the protection of your individual rights. Contact us today to speak with our Cumberland County criminal defense attorney.

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