Client Testimonials

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“Thank you for meeting with us about our condo association dispute. Your advice helped us in the situation. We followed your recommendations, and the situation was resolved. We’re grateful for your help”

Lisa C.

“Barry helped me and is a magnificent attorney with the highest degree of honesty and professionalism. No question this man is the real deal and the people who work for his office are of the same high caliber of professionals.”

Joe H.

“Thanks again for everything. I realize you went “over and above”. Words cannot express my gratitude. You rescued me from what would have been a very damaging blow to my career…a career I have spent 25 years building.”


“Thank you! Bless you for being there. I definitely made the right choice. We still have a long road ahead.”

Michael B.

“We were so reassured and uplifted knowing that we were in such qualified and capable hands. Thank you, also for being very personable and easily understandable and keeping us fully-apprised as to, not only what was going on but also as to our options during each step of the proceedings.”

Thomas D.

“I was treated with respect and kept up to date on all aspects of the case in a timely manner. I felt very comfortable with my choice of attorney. I had an excellent experience overall and would recommend this attorney to family and friends.”

Lisa B.

“I would highly recommend Steve and his office. I truly mean it when I say he has your best interest at heart. At the time I was 15-17 years old so there were very few things about the case I didn’t know about. I felt as if I was given the utmost respect working with Steve Barry. I truly feel as if the final decision was made in my best interest.”

Farrahanne G.