Criminal Lawyers in Avalon, NJ

Criminal Lawyers in Avalon, NJ

For residents of New Jersey, if you are facing criminal charges, Barry, Corrado, Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz is a full service law firm with the best criminal lawyers in Avalon, NJ. Not everyone knows the specifics of how the law treats criminal cases. In New Jersey, the judicial system has two categories of criminal offenses- indictable crimes and disorderly persons offenses. With the common citizen not entirely adept in the field of criminal law, our criminal defense attorneys will aggressively work to protect your Constitutional Rights. Using a wealth of experience and education, we can take the details of your case to find the path to reduce potential punishments for these offenses.

We even use the law in cases that have already been settled. For those who have a  previous criminal record and desire to have those infractions removed or expunged, your path will begin with our expungement attorneys in Wildwood, NJ. By using an expungement attorney, most states’ laws provide that once an arrest or conviction has been expunged, it need not be disclosed, including to most potential employers or landlords.

It’s important to know, the state has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused charged is found guilty as to every element of the crime. We use this as our advantage to educate you of your rights given the situation provided. At Barry, Corrado, Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz, our criminal defense team is led by Joseph C. Grassi. He’s been recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

We provide representation to ensure the protection of individual rights using the top criminal lawyers in Avalon NJ, at the Barry, Corrado, Grassi & Gillin-Schwartz firm. If you need guidance, give us a look here

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