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There is an old saying that is popularly attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”. If you are facing criminal charges, do not believe you can overcome them on your own, or even with an inexperienced attorney recommended by a friend. Let Barry, Corrado & Grassi be your Ocean City criminal defense lawyers – we are experienced in multiple types of criminal cases, and we defend your Constitutional rights and fight for your freedom and future.

If you’ve been arrested, you may have misconceptions about how your case will turn out. For example, the arresting officer only has to read you your rights if they decide to interrogate you, not necessarily when they arrest you. Do NOT speak to them without your attorney present…they WILL use what you say against you. You also might consent to a search of your car or home because the police threaten to get a warrant…let them get one!

Remember that in the United States, you have rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution, and New Jersey has its own set of laws protecting accused citizens as well. If you have a competent attorney, that attorney will carefully review your arrest, listen to your story of what happened, and fight to protect your rights.

Barry, Corrado, & Grassi handles criminal defense cases of all types in the Ocean City region, from noise violation misdemeanors to assault and violent felonies. For drunk driving cases, we carefully review the police procedures involved in your arrest and the circumstances of your taking or not taking the breathalyzer test. We also handle expungement cases, where we wipe your record clean of past arrests whenever possible, and protect your ability to find a job, rent a residence, or obtain a professional license.

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If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it’s vital for you to have experienced and competent representation on your side. Request your initial consultation here, and tell us your story. We are your respected choice for Ocean City criminal defense lawyers – we will protect your rights!