Real Estate

The Cape May County law firm of Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi maintains an active real estate law practice representing the interests of individuals, businesses, condo management, construction companies and developers who want to buy, sell or develop property in Cape May or Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Firm partner Frank L. Corrado leads our real estate practice. Mr. Corrado has been practicing law in New Jersey since 1984, and has established a sound reputation among New Jersey real estate lawyers.

Our real estate practice covers four main areas of service:

  • Real Estate Transactions: We assist both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, including home and mortgage closings, title insurance, title searches and escrow services.
  • Real Estate Development: We assist developers with land use and zoning and the municipal, state, and federal approvals necessary to develop real estate in Cape May County and Atlantic County. Our lawyers also represent objectors and environmental groups.
  • Condominium Law: We assist condo associations with their legal concerns and resolve with legal issues involved in condo development.
  • Real Estate Litigation: Our experienced trial attorneys represent clients in litigation involving breach of real estate purchase and sale contracts, disputes between builders and property owners, boundary disputes, misrepresentation of land quality, and more.

Real Estate Transactions

Our main real estate page provides a full overview of our services, including our work in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We assist buyers and sellers in the Cape May area with every aspect of a sale, including closing, purchase agreements, title insurance, title examination, escrow services, loan documentation, easements, deeds, liens, land contracts, and commercial leasing.

Real Estate Development

The resort communities of Cape May County undergo constant real estate development. As the largest law firm in Cape May County, Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi helps clients with every aspect of real estate development, including:

  • Land use, zoning and planning boards
  • Riparian claims
  • State and federal approvals
  • Sewer matters
  • Coastal development laws, including the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA)
  • Pinelands development
  • Appealing decisions of planning boards
  • Condo development

The statutes relevant to New Jersey real estate development are complex, and compliance requires attorneys with extensive knowledge. Projects involving anything larger than a single-family residence must go before a municipal board for approval, and retaining an attorney with experience before administrative boards is imperative.

Cape May County’s coastal property and pine forests present both exciting opportunities and special challenges for developers. Many projects require county approvals for water and sewer permits and state and federal approvals for coastal development.

Our attorneys regularly represent clients before zoning and administrative boards to help them get the approvals they need. The process involves presenting the application to the board, persuading the board to approve, and working out variances and exceptions as necessary. We can also take appeals of planning board decisions to the highest possible courts.

New Jersey Condominium Law

Both builders of condominiums and condo associations must deal with a multitude of complex laws. The lawyers of Barry Corrado & Grassi understand the relevant laws and their application in a variety of contexts. They can assist any developer or association dealing with New Jersey condo law in Cape May County and throughout southern New Jersey.

Condo Development

Whether developers are building a condominium from scratch or converting an existing building, they must endure a rigorous condo approval process. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs requires disclosures, and the condo developer must prepare many required documents. Our attorneys have assisted clients in Cape May County with many legal issues involved in condo development.

Condo Associations

Once a condominium is constructed and registered with the state, a condo association must serve as a kind of mini-municipal government. It must write and enforce regulations, place liens on units that have defaulted on contributions, and take other condo governance actions that can have significant legal implications. The lawyers of Barry Corrado & Grassi can guide condo associations through the legal issues, helping them protect themselves while they carry out their duties.

Real Estate Litigation

We represent clients in New Jersey real estate litigation involving many issues, including:

  • Breach of real estate contracts
  • Boundary disputes
  • Commission litigation
  • Misrepresentation of quality of land
  • Land use issues
  • Claims for damage to real property
  • Commercial lease disputes

Our attorneys represent both individuals and businesses in real estate litigation. We have a long history of assisting business interests, serving as virtual in-house counsel to the local businesses in the amusement, hospitality and fishing industries that are common in Cape May and surrounding areas.

In all forms of litigation, our lawyers attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement that can resolve the issue and minimize cost. If a satisfactory settlement proves impossible, we will vigorously represent you in court. Our attorneys have extensive experience at all levels of the New Jersey civil court system, and two of our lawyers are Certified Civil Trial Attorneys, a distinction granted to less than 2% of lawyers by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

For legal help with the purchase or sale of New Jersey real estate, or representation in a real estate dispute, contact an experienced attorney at Barry.Corrado.Grassi & Grassi, PC.