South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

South Jersey Personal Injury LawyersBarry, Corrado & Grassi in Wildwood, NJ is a fully established and successful firm of South Jersey personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys and staff are on the side of the people who have been suffering because of an accident caused by negligence and carelessness. If you or a family member are suffering financially, physically and emotionally from an auto accident, a workplace accident, defective products or prescribed drugs, reach out to our firm today.

The first thing you should understand when you are suffering because of a preventable accident is this: companies and their insurance firms are going to do everything they can to avoid compensating you. You need an attorney on your side that is prepared for a big business or government entity’s tricks and evasion, and who isn’t afraid to take cases to trial.

When you’ve been involved in an accident, if you haven’t already done so, you should seek medical attention immediately. Not only is your own health at stake, especially in injuries that don’t have immediate symptoms, but insurance companies will pounce on your unwillingness to see a doctor or follow up. Having the documentation with the causes and description of your injury or injuries will be a great help to your case.

Another tactic you should be prepared to face is an insurance company admitting fault in an accident while still refusing to compensate you for your injuries. In these cases, insurance companies frequently claim the victim’s injuries could have another cause. This is all the more reason to have your condition checked and documented.

Your South Jersey Personal Injury Professionals

Barry, Corrado & Grassi are South Jersey personal injury lawyers that will help you prepare and fight for your claim. Reach out to us today for your initial consultation, and tell us about your injury and your suffering. We will be ready to fight the insurance company and the negligent business if and when they refuse to accept the responsibility for your pain. We’ve been trying personal injury cases for many years, and we can get you the compensation you deserve.

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