Barry, Corrado & Grassi Obtains Land Use Approval For Mahalo Motel In Wildwood Crest

Approval For Mahalo Motel In Wildwood Crest

Frank Corrado of Barry, Corrado & Grassi recently obtained zoning approval for the proposed Mahalo Motel in Wildwood Crest, a project that presented complex land use issues and prompted fierce opposition from neighboring motel owners and some community members.

The approval marked the end of a years-long process, in which Corrado represented developer Eustace Mita, who sought to construct an upscale motel on the beachfront site.

The application raised several difficult land use questions, involving setbacks, parking, and environmental issues. Corrado’s ability to successfully address these issues illustrated BCG’s expertise in navigating complex zoning and planning challenges.

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Balancing Development and Community Needs

The Mahalo Hotel case embodies the commitment of Barry, Corrado, & Grassi, PC to finding a balance between development interests and community concerns. We recognize the vital role well-planned development plays in economic growth and job creation, while also valuing the importance of preserving local character and environmental sustainability.

Proven Success in Land Use Matters

Our Real Estate Zoning and Land Use Team possesses a proven track record of success in various land use matters, including subdivisions, variances, land use planning, and appeals. We collaborate with clients, architects, engineers, and community members to achieve creative and cost-effective solutions that satisfy all stakeholders. If you’re facing complex land use challenges, Barry, Corrado, & Grassi, PC is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and how our expertise can guide you towards a successful outcome.